Tiny Titch

Baby Diary and Development Tracker

Timeline. Shared.

Your timeline lets you keep track of development, milestones, and more. Invite other carers to contribute and see your baby grow.

Summary Cards.

When was the last pee? When did baby last eat? Or sleep?


Summary cards provide an at a glance overview of your little one. Always visible at the top of your timeline and on the home screen so you don’t have to tap a thing to get answers to those questions and more. With a single tap get detailed information about the summary topic.


See patterns and trends with calendar view, available in the timeline and each summary.


Track growth with weight, length, and head circumference. Compare to the World Health Organization growth standards.


See the latest temperature readings graphed in your summary cards.


Brighten things up or tone them down. Change the colour scheme to match your mood or the brightness of the room.